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Hump Magnetic Separator

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Hump Magnetic Separator

Hinge-type magnets are fitted in a vertical structure in Hump Magnetic Separators. As you could have guessed it, this separator is used when the flow of the material is vertical. Kumar Magnet Industries is considered one of the most illustrious Hump Magnetic Separator Manufacturers in Ahmedabad. The material falls on the first magnet and changes direction only to fall on the second magnet. This way the outflow of material is clean as the impurities are stuck to the magnets. They are also used to remove ferrous contaminants like iron bolts, wire, nuts, banding etc. from the material being conveyed and can suit any size of pipe/duct.

Reasons To Choose Our Hump Magnetic Separators:

  • Variety - You can avail these products in variants like magnetic, vibrator and conveyor system. You can also opt for our half hump magnets when there are height restrictions.
  • Easy To Clean - The doors are hinged which makes it easier to clean surface after a cycle of separation.
  • Convenient Installation - They can be installed by just mounting it directly in the air stream with the square to round transitions.

These offered Hump magnetic separators comes with two plate magnets which are hinged and gasketed to the rugged steel housing. These can be unfasten and swing open for quick cleaning manually. We also have half hump magnets which can be applied where hump magnets will not fit due to height restrictions. It works like the normal design and can be used if needed.

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