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Permanent Magnetic Drum

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Permanent Magnetic Drum

These drums are used for removing both small and large pieces of iron from material processing lines. The efficiency and effectiveness of these drums have made them highly popular in the industry. Kumar Magnet Industries is considered one of the leading Permanent Magnetic Drum Manufacturers in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. The powerful magnets used in these products make them suitable for a broader range of applications. Being a known Permanent Magnetic Drum Separator Manufacturers, we offer these in standard diameters of 300 mm, 400 mm and 450 mm, the drum length of these drums can vary from 300 mm to 1200 mm. It comes with a stationary permanent magnetic assembly having a uniform magnetic field across the entire width of the drum, which is functional over half the drum’s circumference.

Choose Our Permanent Magnetic Drum Separators For:

  • Stainless Steel Construction - The non-magnetic stainless steel construction gives it the required durability.
  • Greater Strength - The magnetic strength of these drums is greater than the other alternatives for removing ferrous particles.
  • Long-Lasting - The magnetic force of the magnet doesn’t diminish quickly and you can use it with the same effect throughout its lifetime.

Our name is taken as one of the most reliable Permanent Magnetic Drum Exporters and Suppliers in India. Buy our Magnetic Separator by giving us a call immediately.

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