Ferrite Magnet

Ferrite Magnet
Ferrite Magnet

Kumar Magnet Industries is one of the well-known Ferrite Magnet Manufacturers in Ahmedabad. These magnets are quite hard, brittle and prone to cracks and chipping on the edges. Intensive coercive force and virtually free from de-magnetization, these magnets have a very high electrical resistivity which makes them perfect for high-frequency applications. We have these magnets in different shapes. Whether you’re looking to buy a Ferrite Ring Magnets or any other shape, explore our range and you will find the needed product. Utilized in a wide variety of electronics and electrical products, these magnets are one of our highest selling products.

Major Features Of Our High Power Ferrite Magnet:

  • Intensive Coercive Force - These magnets have an intensive coercive force which makes them so good at their job.
  • High Electrical Resistivity - The high electrical resistivity of these units makes them suitable for high-frequency applications.
  • Various Shapes - These magnets are available in different shapes from rings, rectangular, discs, cylindrical, square, segments, strips etc.

Applications Our Products Serve:

  • Computers, Refrigerators & Relays.
  • Loud Speakers, Horns Public Address System etc.
  • Magnetic Chuck, Separators, Grills, Holding Systems, etc.
  • Magnetic / Stickers/Boards, Laboratories & Schools
  • Moving coil Instruments, Magnetic Door Catches, Magneto Therapy.
  • Magnetos, DC Motors, Stepper Motors, Generators, etc.
  • Fabricators, Automobiles, Auto Switches, Coupling Oil Filters etc.
  • Conveyors, Trolleys, Gifts & Novelty Items, Televisions

We also have Disc Magnets, which can also be available in isotropic materials, which do not have any specific directions, which can be magnetized by any one of 3 axes. These Isotropic Disc Magnets are available in 4.00 mm to 50.00 mm diameter and different heights as per their need in any specific application.

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