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Our Mission
Our Mission

Being the leading Magnetic Separator Manufacturers in India, our mission is to offer end-to-end high power permanent magnetic equipment under one roof. The sheer variety that we offer allows us to meet a diverse set of customer requirements.

Our Vision
Our Vision

We are consistently expanding our product portfolio every day to become a one-stop-shop for all kinds of magnetic products like Rare Earth Magnet and Neodymium Magnet in India. Incorporating the latest technology is also in our roadmap for success.

Our Quality
Our Quality

Maintaining the highest standards of quality is the key objective of our company which makes us Magnetic Drum Separator Manufacturers in India. Using grade quality material in a state-of-the-art technology does half of the job and our experienced professionals do the other half to deliver 100% client satisfaction.

Magnetic Separators Manufacturers In Oman

Magnetic Separator Manufacturers In Oman

Kumar Magnet Industries has been consistently engaged in improving the quality of the products for over so many years. As one of the best Magnetic Separator Manufacturers in Oman, we never afraid of challenges and perform every action precisely to offer versatile products through our manufacturing excellence. We take care of our customer queries and fulfil them within a mean time possible.

Our products are advanced and designed as per the industry standards to meet the need of the customers. Whether it is Over Band Magnetic Separator, Magnetic Plate or Magnetic Pulley and Magnetic Drum Separator in Oman, we have all the products available under our brand name. We always stood by our clients to set and reach new milestones that increase the credibility of our company among the customers.

As one of the prominent Permanent Suspension Magnet Exporters and Magnetic Destoner Suppliers in Oman, we attract customers with the quality and features of our products and our competitive pricing and customer support. You can contact us to speak with our experts. We’ll be glad to hear out your requirements and deliver you desirable solutions.


Our Products

High-Power Magnets

Industrial Magnet Manufacturers in India

Our magnetic separators are known for their extreme magnetic force and efficiency. Here the reasons why:

  • Powerful MagnetsPowerful Magnets

    We use either ferrite, ceramic or high-intensity rare earth magnets in making these separators. It gives them the force they need to an excellent job.

  • Ergonomic DesignErgonomic Design

    It doesn’t matter whether the product is meant to be used manually or automatically, the design makes it considerably easier.

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